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We Specialize In:

  • Smog Check, Smog Check Failure Repairs & Diagnostic
  • Vehicle Change of Ownership
  • Vehicle Registration Renewal
  • Brakes, Tune-Ups, Water Pumps, Timing Belts
  • Diagnostics, Check Engine Lights, Catalytic Converters
  • 30, 60, 90 K Services

Auburn Auto Repair Service

Most people only look for an Auburn Auto Repair Service when they have broken down or been in a major accident. When your car is broken down or in need of some major repairs, there’s no time to find out how reputable a company may be. Becoming familiar with a reputable Auburn Auto Repair Service will help you build trust that will save you time and frustration when you have an emergency.

Auburn Auto Repair Service: When you’re Stranded

Many different types of services are provided by auto repair shops. A professional Auburn Auto Repair Service is always eager to assist you. If you have a more serious problem and are stuck, an Auburn Auto Repair Service offers towing to their shop where your car can be diagnosed and repaired by their qualified technical staff.

Car towing may be an option through Auburn Auto Repair Service. When you’re stranded beside the road, you should ask an Auburn Auto Repair Service if they can tow you to their shop. If you can’t seem to start your car, then the Auburn Auto Repair Service will first check your battery to make sure it is working, and only then will they recommend towing it to the shop. Often when a car won’t start in the morning they only need a battery jump to get started. The mechanic from your local Auburn Auto Repair Service doesn’t want to tow your car to the shop if there is a minor issue, such as gas or a battery that can put you on the road again.

Auburn Auto Repair Service: Repair

Regardless of the model and make of your vehicle, an experienced Auburn Auto Repair Service can provide it with a full garage service. They will test and evaluate the problems of your car with their equipment. There are many cars made today that are dependent on computers and sensors in their motors. An Auburn Auto Repair Service continuously updates their testing and repair equipment to make sure that they have the proper equipment to test and evaluate your car’s computers and sensors.
This updates the technicians on methods of improving the life and efficiency of your car.

Auburn Auto Repair Service: Customer Service

The staff at an Auburn Auto Repair Service will gladly answer any questions you may have and let you know how regularly you have to bring your car in for maintenance. The staff at the local Auburn Auto Repair Service will also inform you of any problems with your vehicle that may come up for attention which can be attended on another day. When you take your car in for its regular maintenance, the Auburn Auto Repair Service staff will inform you about how you can increase the life of your car and the best products to use for it.

If you have any concerns and inquiries, you can call an Auburn Auto Repair Service and they will help you. The Auburn Auto Repair Service staff pride themselves on being available to provide you the quality customer service that you expect when you call them.

Anyone working for the Auburn Auto Repair Service will be happy to help answer your queries. Call an Auburn Auto Repair Service and you'll get questions answered by experts.

Auburn Auto Repair Service: Service Follow-Up

Reliable Auburn Auto Repair Service mechanics follow up their repair by ensuring that things are working well and that there are no new problems. An Auburn Auto Repair Service will provide a high standard of service, along with a garage that is equipped to take care of the make and model of your car.

By creating a long term relationship with you, an Auburn Auto Repair Service will be aiming to maintain their standard for customer service. By developing a lasting relationship with the Auburn Auto Repair Service you won’t have to worry when your car breaks down suddenly or you need a repair done that may not be available through standard auto repair services. Your local Auburn Auto Repair Service technicians are always available to assist you and make sure that you are on the road again soon.

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Sierra Smog always does a great job for me. Steve the owner is always very nice. They treat me like family. I always feel like they appreciate my business.
Margaret B. - Auburn, CA
Sierra Smog helped me get my car to pass smog. After spending $2400 at the dealership and it still not passing, I was in tears while I was telling them all I had been through trying to get my car to pass smog. They got my car to pass smog for about 1/4 of what the dealer was going to charge me. I really feel they went above and beyond to help me.
I spent almost a year trying to get my car to pass smog. Then one of my friends recommended Sierra Smog. They got my car to pass, and they worked with me to keep it in my budget. I will never take my car anywhere else.
Lilian M. - Roseville, CA